Fan Art

It’s always interesting to see a character in new and different artistic styles. That’s why I love fan art, and why I wanted a fan art section on this site. Although the artists featured below all drew Tidus, each piece is unique; the artists all have their own views of Tidus and their own personal styles.

So far, my fan art section here is made up of gifts from friends. I received permission from all of them to post the pieces they gave me here for you to view. Check them out. They’re all amazing.

I’d love to host and feature your art as well! If you’ve created something with Tidus, feel free to send it my way. In the e-mail, be sure to include your name and website url (if you have one) so I can credit you.

By Aeryvae:

By Aeryvae

By Destinie:

By Destinie

By Jackie:

By Jackie

By Karen:

By Karen

By Larissa:

By Larissa

By Masao:

By Masao

By Todd:

By Todd

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