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Classes play a huge part in the Final Fantasy series, and Final Fantasy X is no different. Yuna is a Summoner/White Mage, Lulu is a Black Mage, Kimahri is a Blue Mage, and Rikku is a Thief. Tidus is not given an official class title. Which Final Fantasy classes do you think Tidus falls under, and if you had to give him a class title, what would his be?

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  • Mikari says:

    I think the Warrior class fits Tidus because of his weapon being a sword. Paine is a Warrior by default and she uses a similar weapon. His speed spells and some of his other abilities have a hint of Ninja in them. So I’m thinking Warrior Ninja, a physical fighter with enhanced speed and support abilities. FF classes are updated redefined and expanded every now and then when a new game wants to make use of them. I’m surprised they didn’t make blitzball player class, but Wakka and Tidus don’t seem to have enough in common in their fighting style to have their own class, plus Rikku is a thief and she can fight in the underwater parts too.

    • Todd says:

      Tidus definitely has some Ninja in him, but he doesn’t throw anything, and I feel like that’s a key component to Ninja.

      I definitely think you’re onto something with Warrior. I believe Tidus is a breed of two job classes, warrior definitely being one. Instead of Ninja, though, I lean more toward Time Mage. A Time Warrior.

  • Todd says:

    For the longest time, I always looked at Tidus as a Time Mage. He can slow down enemies and speed up his party. The only fault with that class is Mages are incredibly squishy and generally lack physical attack power, and Tidus has pretty good defense and great physical attack. With moves like Cheer and Provoke, Tidus has some Bard in him as well.

    Tidus’ weapons and high attack make him more of a Warrior.

    Personally, I believe Tidus is a new breed: a Time Warrior.

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