This is basically my pathetic (for now!) excuse for a media section. This is a new section on the site, so it will definitely grow and strengthen over time. The best part here is definitely the fan art section, where I’ve posted gifts friends have given me over the years. I hope you find something you can enjoy.

  1. Fanlisting Are you a fan of Tidus? Join the list of fans!
  2. Discussion Forum Share your thoughts!
  3. Scans Tidus images I’ve acquired and want to share.
  4. Screen Caps Some of my favorite scenes in the game.
  5. Fan Art Different interpretations of Tidus.
  6. Icons Flaunt Tidus on social networks.
  7. Vita Wallpapers Put Tidus on your Vita!
  8. Merchandise Cool Tidus figures I own.
  9. Cake The best birthday ever.

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