Final Fantasy X doesn’t have as many sites dedicated to its characters as it did a few years ago, but the sites remaining up definitely do the game justice. Check them out to learn more about FFX, its sequel FFX-2, and other characters.

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1000 Words A Fading Dream Diamonds Are Forever The Foundational Elements of Spira Lunar Shadow Nocturne Ode to a Star Pearl Sen no Kotoba Song of Prayer Will Woman in Black

Non-English Shrines

Blur Clueless Ronin Victory

Other Final Fantasy Shrines

Below are some of my favorite shrines to characters from other Final Fantasy games. While I will accept link exchanges here, feel no pressure to link me back if you find your site linked in this section!

Human Grace Nymph Aria Renaissance Stalwart Trust Your Heart When It Rains It Pours Antihero Bombshell Divide Rebelling Princess Shift Archimage Aurora Roses Have Thorns

General Final Fantasy Sites

Hell and Heaven Net

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