Random Updates

New pages: Rikku and Dreams. I also have a new affiliate.

A Rikku section hasn’t been missing on this site until now. I realize how important she is. I used to have one page with small blurbs that covered Tidus’ relationships with all of the main party. I scrapped it to cover his relationships in depth. Although I want to eventually rewrite Yuna’s, Rikku is the last of the party to get a page, which means I’m done with that little project. Jecht and Seymour will be getting relationships pages soon, too, because I want to cover each one of them more in depth as well.

Dreams covers the flashbacks and the one fabricated dream Tidus had in Spira. Are they important? I think so. They give us insight to how Tidus feels about Jecht.

My new affiliate is The Foundational Elements of Spira by Snow, a new tribute to the aeons and elements of Final Fantasy X. It’s a very interesting read; check it out! Welcome to the Final Fantasy X community, Snow!

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