A Plethora of Updates

Lots of updates today: three new pages, and some new media!

I finally added a page on Jecht. It occurred to me that I discussed Tidus’ relationship with his father all over this site, but I never examined their relationship specifically. I have some unique thoughts on their bond.

Expanding on the Weapons section I added the other day, I wrote a page on the Caladbolg, Tidus’ Celestial Weapon. It is a pain in the ass to get. I still have a knot on my head from banging my head against the wall. Hopefully my tips help.

I made five wallpapers for the PS Vita and started a page to collect those. Thanks so much, Cherri, for your help getting me started on them!

I added 21 new screen caps to the Screen Caps page. I’m nearly through with the game, so that page should be completely done soon.


I’m currently working on more in-game sections. Today, I added Weapons, a page on Tidus’ swords. What swords do you use for Tidus? Feel free to comment on the page; I’d love to hear about the weapons and weapon-abilities you guys use.

I also added another affiliate: Cherri’s new shrine to Lulu, Woman in Black! Lulu sites have always been super hard to find online, so this is a real treat. The site is off to a great start. Check it out!


New page: Guardian. It examines Tidus’ role as Yuna’s guardian — what it is in Yevon, what it means to Tidus, and what it means for Yuna.

It’s not quite perfect yet. I want to touch on Yunalesca a little more, but I stopped there because I haven’t gotten there in my replay yet. I want the details to be fresh in my mind so I can cover the event with clarity. I’ll let you know when I edit the page; it’s good for now.