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The first Discussion Forum topic has been closed. Thank you so much, Mikari, for your thoughts! You can read her thoughts here.

A new Discussion Forum topic has been posted! This one relates to Final Fantasy classes. Check it out here. I hope you will leave your thoughts!

Discussion Forum

A new visitor section has been added: a Discussion Forum. Every couple of months, I want to post a new topic there for us to discuss as a group. I will post my thoughts as well. I hope you consider participating; this can be a lot of fun. I love intelligent debate!

The first discussion topic has been posted. Check it out!


Poltergeist is now home to the Tidus fanlisting! It’s basically a clique you can join to show off your love for Tidus. You do not have to have a website to join. I want to list every Tidus fan out there.

The fanlisting is listed in the Visitor section, and is called out on the site’s Prelude. Please go join if you are a fan!

I am stoked and honored to run the Tidus fanlisting in conjunction with this site. Thank you so much to Jackie and the volunteers at The Fanlistings Network for giving me the opportunity.