Open Revamp Status

I put this site on Open Revamp Mode in February of 2014, pledging to rewrite existing content and add new pages. A little over two years later, I want to take a look at what I’ve accomplished with Poltergeist, and what I would still like to do. I know two years is a long time, but keep in mind that I work full time, I play games that are not Final Fantasy X, and I run other websites.

We’ll look at this by section.




I won’t go over the Visitor or Site sections, though I am completely happy with both of those. In the past couple of years, I debuted a lot of neat things in those sections including the fanlisting, more media, and a Discussion Forum.

Overall, I think Poltergeist has come a long way, and I am happy with most of it. The majority of updates over the past couple of years have been new additions to the site rather than edits. These new sections have not only made the site larger, but stronger in my opinion. While I still have some things I would like to add, I think I am going to shift my focus to editing now, and will be rewriting and fixing up the pages I indicated need rewrites above.

I hope you guys have enjoyed the new sections and improvements so far! Keep visiting! There’s more to come.

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