Poltergeist is now running on a Content Management System – WordPress. I apologize for the mess this site has been in the last couple of days, but this is a time-consuming change I wanted to make to better this site overall, make it more dynamic for visitors, and make it easier for me to update. There are going to be a lot of updates once the Remaster releases.

New features include:

  1. A comment form on every page. I want to encourage visitors to comment on my articles if there is something they feel strongly about, disagree on, or want to discuss. I plan to interact with my visitors by responding to every comment. Feel free to post your own views on things! I’ll post my thoughts in return.
  2. A blog on the main page. This will record updates, but also special exploration articles and news. I plan to blog as I come across new Tidus information, and as I make my way through the game and discover neat things worth writing about.
  3. More convenient navigation. Menu pages still exist, and can be visited by clicking main links, but by hovering over them, you can go straight to the pages within each menu.

All content is back up for browsing, but a chunk of it still hasn’t been updated. Consider this site still in open-revamp mode. Many pages need rewritten, and I still have a list of pages I’d like to add. Needless to say, updates are coming! Keep checking back.

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