One of the coolest and most chilling parts of the game to me is the little hooded boy who keeps appearing and disappearing, often at times of destruction. Was anyone else freaked out by this line at the beginning of the game?:

It begins. Don’t cry.

I had two reactions simultaneously to it when I played the game the first time: “Woah, that’s freaky,” and “Dude, that’s awesome.” Horror flicks often use children as a means of scaring their audience (The little boy in The Sixth Sense, the little boy in The Ring, and the little girl in Silent Hill to name a few.), and I’m a huge fan of horror films, so I recognized the technique right away and knew that he would somehow play out to something chilling in Tidus’ story. I never would have pinned him as a Fayth, though.

It’s complicated, but here’s what I understand: The little hooded boy’s name is Bahamut, and he’s the Fayth dreaming of Tidus. He’s not exactly a kid, though, but rather manifests himself that way for Tidus. And why not? Kids are scary, and Bahamut’s form kept my attention; didn’t it yours?

What is a Fayth though? Put simply, they are dreamers. A thousand years ago there was a war between Zanarkand and Bevelle that left Zanarkand in a state of total destruction. The summoners and other survivors of Zanarkand wanted to keep Zanarkand alive, even if just in memory, so what did they do? They became Fayths and entered a deep sleep, and more importantly a deep dream. Together, they continued to build Zanarkand and let it live in their minds for what they hoped would be forever. For the Fayth, though, they grew tired and forever had to end.

Ironically, it’s Yuna who sends the Fayth, allowing them to stop dreaming. Why ironically? Because her love, Tidus, is also sent when his dreamers stop dreaming.

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