A lot of the insecurities Tidus has, his hatred, and his confusion come from his childhood, mostly from his father. Jecht was a lot like my dad. He was heartless, mean, and unsupportive of his family …when he was around. Like Tidus, my dad abandoned my mom, my brother, and me, leaving my mom unable to take care of us. We ended up in a Children’s Home able to see our mom on some weekends. Tidus ended up losing his mom altogether.

It’s not hard to see why Tidus hates his father, or why I hate mine.

It’s understandable. Tidus’ father was hardly there and when he was he mocked Tidus, calling him a crybaby. Also, when Jecht was around, his mother shunned him. Tidus also had his mother’s death to blame on his dad, and now his insecurities.

To make matters worse, ten years later a creature called Sin is bringing Hell to the world, and Sin in this cycle, its last cycle, just so happens to be Jecht.

Tidus learns pretty late in his life that Jecht really loved him when Auron reveals to him that Jecht wanted him to watch his son, as he’d worry forever if someone didn’t watch him.

Maybe Tidus begins to admire Jecht for his sacrifice to kill Sin, or maybe he saw that his father just didn’t know how to show Tidus he loved him. Whatever the reason, Tidus eventually forgives his father.

I’m glad…to have you as my father.

Good for him.

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