I think Tidus’ need to be accepted stems from his childhood abandonment by his father and his mother’s death. The reason I can assume that intelligently is because I was abandoned as a child too. When you’re alone, people are all you have for comfort and you look to anyone who will give you the time of day for emotional support and the attention you desire. I received mine from my teachers. Tidus looked to Auron. The sad thing is even when you have it, that need for acceptance never goes away.

I thought about a lot of things…like where I was, what I’d got myself into. I started to feel light-headed…and then, sleepy. I think I had a dream. A dream of being alone. I wanted someone-anyone, beside me…so I didn’t have to feel alone anymore.

Like anyone with abandonment issues, it haunts Tidus.

It took a little counseling for me to come to terms with that and at least realize what was/is going on inside of me. Tidus on the other hand didn’t have that luxury, and I really don’t think he understood what was driving that need for acceptance; he just knew he had to have it.

At the beginning of the game Tidus basically pours himself out onto his fans, and loves, lives for, and thrives on the attention he is receiving from them. Further on in the game, it’s my opinion that Tidus puts on a charade for the others around him. He struggles inside, but it’s important to him for others to think he’s happy and optimistic. It becomes hard for him to keep up that act, but he definitely tries.

Ironically his façade makes it difficult for him to fit in to the group, and he knows he doesn’t. The alternative, though, is being alone.

I think Yuna is able to see through Tidus’ act, and it’s with her that I think Tidus is most real. Alas, just as Tidus found someone to complete him, someone to make him feel not-so-alone, his being comes to an end.

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