In this section, I have discussed Tidus and Final Fantasy X in detail. By analyzing his story, I explored who Tidus is, and discussed his most important character traits. As such, there is an emphasis on analysis and my own personal perception of Tidus’ character and the game. All of it is supported with fact, however, so there are spoilers scattered throughout. Be careful if you haven’t played the game yet.

  1. Childhood The root of his hatred.
  2. Alone His need for acceptance.
  3. Zanarkand Home sweet home.
  4. Blitzball His hobby and occupation.
  5. Fayth Those dreaming of a hero.
  6. Dreams Tidus dreams about his father a lot.
  7. Guardian What the role means to Tidus, Yuna, and Yevon.
  8. Fate The end of a dream.
  9. Ending The best in the series.
  10. Sun Tidus is the sun to Yuna’s moon.
  11. Exploration Digging deeper.

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